Sunday, January 27, 2008

confusion as a lifestyle

My first impressions of the VU were confusing (a feeling that stayed with me for several months). The information/orientation sessions though strangely uninformative did not curb my enthusiasm much. The meetings with the graduate adviser/department head (the department has not seen anything like a, *gasp!*, administrative coordinator/secretary in living memory), on the other hand, increased the confusion to worrying levels*.
In the coming months I was going to find that the VU as an institution of higher learning is not so much 'cutting-edge' as it is a place where your academic and professional future is balanced on the edge of the unknown.

Stay tuned for the structure of the academic year, grading system(s), professionalism of the professors, and the amazing story of the quest for the 'Bio' in the Insitute for Geo&Bio-Archaeology.


*Tip: if that happens, go to life-plan B, hanging around and hoping that the situation will be straightened out and your sleep pattern will return to normal are not the recommended activities.

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